The City of Racine COVID-19 UPDATE November 16, 2020

Confirmed coronavirus cases

  • United States: 11,114,151 confirmed, 246,758 deaths
  • Wisconsin: 316,758 confirmed, 2,009,148 negative, 2,649 deaths
  • Central Racine County Health Department: 6,014 confirmed (+937 from last week), 685 probable (+122), 50,242 negative (+1,892), 95 deaths (+9)
  • City of Racine Health Department: 5,138 confirmed (+606 from last week), 533 probable (+66), 35,946 negative (+1,610), 44 deaths (+2)
  • Racine County total: 11,152 confirmed (+1,543 from last week), 1,218 probable (+188), 86,188 negative (+3,502), 139 deaths (+11)
  • Positive test percentage: 11.4%

 Updates for the week of November 16:

The case rate in Racine County has grown exponentially since September. Here’s a look at weekly positive case increases since September, as published in the Racine County JIC updates:

  • 14: +78
  • 21: +250
  • 28: +376
  • 5: +359
  • 12: +361
  • 19: +535
  • 26: +752
  • 2: +994
  • 9: +1,777
  • 16: +1,543

 We’ve also seen a notable increase in deaths in the past month:

  • From Sept. 14 through Oct. 19, we recorded a total of nine deaths in Racine county.
  • But from Oct. 26 through today, Nov. 16, we have recorded a total of 38 deaths in Racine County.

The City of Racine Health Department has ordered the closure of school buildings in its jurisdiction from Nov. 27 to January 15. More information here.

Wisconsin National Guard COVID-19 testing sites in Racine and Kenosha counties can be found here.

In an address to the state last week, Gov. Tony Evers called for unity and working together in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. He also announced an executive order advising Wisconsin residents to stay home, urging precautions if you must leave home, and encouraging businesses to take additional steps to protect workers and customers. Read more here.

The State of Wisconsin reached 100,000 COVID-19 cases in seven months. It then took 36 days to reach 200,000 cases, and just 18 days after that to reach 300,000 cases.

Health care leaders continue to voice concern over the surge, saying, “it is very difficult to sustain behavior change of the kind that we need,” according to a Journal Sentinel story.

The statewide Stop the COVID Spread coalition, which includes business groups such as Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, released its fourth ad on broadcast TV and digital platforms urging Wisconsin residents to do their part to reverse the public health crisis gripping the state.


For Racine County updates on the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit

The City of Racine coronavirus webpage can be found at

The Central Racine County Health Department’s COVID-19 page is

For national information on COVID-19, please go to the Centers for Disease Control’s website:

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