Statement from Mayor Mason On Judge’s Ruling on the City Council’s Public Health Ordinance

City of Racine – Today, Racine Mayor Cory Mason issued the following statement after the circuit court invalidated the Common Council’s lawfully enacted city ordinance to protect public health with a continued the phased reopening of the City:

“Today a right-wing, activist judge in Racine had the audacity to proclaim that an ordinance which was lawfully enacted by the Racine Common Council is not valid. The irony is not lost on me that this happened on the same day Dane County proactively put in place additional restrictions on bars and restaurants in order to better protect their residents before the holiday weekend. This irresponsible decision jeopardizes the City’s ability to protect the health and well-being of our residents in the midst of a life-threatening pandemic. This decision also appears to be at odds with the powers and duties enumerated to the Common Council and Public Health Director by State Statute and the Constitution. Appeals have already been filed and we have asked for an immediate stay of the circuit court’s decision. However, in the meantime, we encourage all City residents to double-down on our own actions to protect ourselves, our families, our coworkers, and our neighbors from the coronavirus: wear masks in public and practice social distancing. Wash your hands and use sanitizer. If you are sick, stay home.  Due to the decisions from both our State Supreme Court and our own circuit court, Racine residents are left without public health protections as we continue to battle a virus locally, that has recently caused states like Texas, Florida, and others to shut back down because of the second waves they are facing. 25 City residents have died from this virus, I hope no one else will die because of Judge Fredrickson’s judicial activism,” said Mayor Cory Mason.

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